Liquid Metal Technologies Settles Down After Apple
    August 16, 2010  PSW Staff
    Liquid Metal Technologies, (LQMT), last weeks high flier on news of a deal with Apple (AAPL),
    is again one of the most heavily traded over the counter stocks early today.  LQMT is a Pink
    Sheet, and has not filed quarterly financial reports with the SEC since November of 2009,
    however they have continued to file 8-K's.  The stock climbed from around a quarter to over
    $1.60 late last week, and has already fallen back to below a dollar today.

    LQMT signed a deal with Apple granting them exclusive access to it's liquidmetal alloy
    products for electronic device casings.  Liquidmetal Technologies will keep the rights to all
    other applications of their product, and no numbers or specifics were given for the deal.  The
    product is currently used in high end sporting goods and medical equipment, tools and other
    products.  The company also produces various liquidmetal coatings and composites.  The
    liquidmetal itself is made melting down a combination of metals and forming a glass like
    metal substance.

    Although they would not say how they plan to use it, Apple doesn't have anything else to use
    the product on but IPhones, IPads, Macbooks and so on, so the potential is certainly there.  
    Cost remains the big mystery, however, as the two main resources to produce the stuff are
    platinum, which cost's more than gold, and beryllium.  The high price does come with plenty
    of benefit's, however.  The product is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and extremely strong.  
    It also resists scratching and denting, and does not need to be polished.  A production
    benefit includes there being no need to machine the product after it is cast from the mold,
    because it does not shrink, warp or have spurs like most metals.

    LQMT has not filed financial disclosures with the SEC since it began trading on the Pink
    Sheets in 2009 and was no longer required to do so.  The last two quarters we do have
    showed a little bit of growth, and a switch over to profitability.  They also paid down a
    significant amount of debt during those quarters, but the balance sheet still remained tilted
    towards liabilities.  At the time of their last filing, they had 47.5 million shares issued and
    outstanding, and 100 million shares authorized.  It is unsure how many shares are currently
    out.  The company recently appointed a new President and CEO, Thomas Steipp.  Mr. Steipp,
    who is 60 years of age, previously served in various roles at Symmetricom, Inc. (SYMM), a
    publicly traded provider of products for communications infrastructure and systems.
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